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Halal Frozen Whole Chicken and parts
We offers a wide range of wholesale Halal Frozen Chickens in accordance with the highest product quality standards. Our Brazil frozen chicken is supplied as whole, Bone In or boneless chickens . With our added value partnership approach, we are proud to provide our customers with Best Halal and Non Halal frozen chickens at the most competitive prices. Our Halal Frozen Chickens consist of Halal Whole Frozen Chicken and it Frozen Chicken parts. We also offer Frozen Chicken MDM, Chicken feet fresh/frozen, Halal Chicken Wings, Frozen Chicken Wings, Mid Joint Wings, Frozen Chicken Paws, Frozen Chicken Breast, Frozen Chicken Shawarma, Frozen Chicken Breast Fillets, as well as Frozen Chicken leg quarters. Also we provide Halal Frozen Chicken drumstick, Frozen Halal Chicken liver and Frozen Halal Chicken gizzard

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Grade A Chicken Brands, that are hand slaughtered by Muslim employees according to Islamic Laws.

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