Buy Halal Frozen Chicken Skin from Brazil

The long-standing command to strip poultry of its skin before eating doesn’t hold up under a nutritional microscope. A 12-ounce bone-in, skin-on chicken breast half contains just 2.5 grams of saturated fat and 50 calories more than its similarly portioned skinless counterpart.

Frozen Chicken Skin Specifications

Product: Chicken Skin
Packaging: 10Kg Carton
Quality: A Grade
Certification: HALAL, ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000:2010
Storage conditions: -18 ̊C and lower
Freezing type: IWP, IQF
Shelf Life: 12 Months
MOQ: 27MT (1*40′ Container)

Total weight

 15-20kg/ carton

Packaging material

 5 cartons/layer, 10 layers / pallet, 50 carton / pallet Wooden
pallet, 800x1200x144mm Pallet fixed with stretch film

BBE / Storage temperature

18 months at min. -18°C

State of residue and state of contaminant 

 The conditions of the legally fixed guidance level and the
caution level of the state of residue and the state of contaminant are met.
In-production examination in regard to the weight, packaging, product
hygiene, continuous microbiological, analytical and sensoric
laboratory examination


This product is not subject to marking due to attachment II of RL (EU)
no. 1169 / 2011 (LMIV).

General assurance

 Regular and systematic execution of the surveillance of
processing and of the products as well as execution of microbiological
laboratory examination. All deliveries stick to the law of food and fodder,
related laws, regulations, maxims and prevailing public understanding. We
hereby confirm that this article does not meet the labelling regulation according
to RL 1829/2003 and 1830/2003.


 The chicken are slaughtered and processed according to HCG
regulations and they do not contain pig DNA or alcohol. Therefore they are

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